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Handy hints
The library has every book has its own place, where it feels good, and you can find at any time, if you learn the order of the library.It is important to know that the books were divided into two major groups:
- Nonfiction books (picture books, story-books, novels, poems)
- Text books, or as you knows, educational books.

The fiction books, or for young writers books are listed alphabetically.
Under close alphabet and the library alphabet rules.
It's seems difficult, but simple. The library does not know the difference between the alphabet, long and short vowels and consonants.
The "close" alphabet "means that we compare the words, the names until while differences were found.
Eg, Berkes Peter Benedek Elek, Balint Agnes, Bosnyak Viktoria, Boszormeni Gyula.
All authors of the letter B and Hungarian, if you look at the second letter, there have been some differences in e, e, a, o, A letter is the first, but there are two second letters "A" that way we will look at the third letter n, r, so you can develop the correct sequence.
1 Bálint Ágnes
2. Benedek Elek
3. Berkes Péter
4. Bosnyák Viktória
5. Böszörményi Gyula, (you see, it's not hard at all)
Always pay attantion to the reverse bears the names of foreign authors, for example. Thomas Brezina, Luc Besson, SarahBosse is not belong typed into "t","s" or "l" , but the letter B, and then where will the line be? Write it!)

For consultant or educational books, this solution was not good. A science field has been assigned to books based on their content. The books on a topic got into one place on the shelf. This 0 - long numbers are resolved in such a way that each received a number of disciplines. The first number was then governed, that is the specialty! The following sequences have clarified, refined, detailed description of the contents of books could be. How well? Let's see an example it is easier:

Choose your favorite discipline:

5 Mathematics and Science

50 General science works

501 Exact Sciences

502 The natural environment

51 Mathematics

52 Astronomy

53 Physics

59. Zoology

591 General Zoology

592 Invertebrates

599 Mammals

599.1 Ancient Mammals

599.5 Cetera. Sea cow

599.8 Primates

.81 prosimians

.811 Kobold tailed monkey

and so the decimals are infinite series of whole numbers accurately describe the contents of a book. Very exciting game. You see three numbers after a point, this way it's not too long and boring sequence. The scientific name is also UDC Universal Decimal Rate that have been used everywhere in the word. These numbers you can meet with the books on the shelf crest, and the guide field, but only the first three numbers, a refinement that is left to the other numbers in the catalog. If you know, what you want to borrow enough to know these three numbers. 599 mammals. It was not way too complicated, in practice; get better in it, come and check!

Stands for the Universal Decimal Classification. Works in the libraries of educational topics, based on their subject categories, each graded. The world's knowledge of the science libraries of the 10 large groups (the Corps) and they were divided from 0 to 9 and can be indicative:
0 General works.
1 Philosophy, Psychology, Morality.
2 Religion, Mythology.
3 Social Sciences (eg, politics, military science, education, ethnology)
4 In older times: Linguistics, Dictionaries.
Today: 800 and 801
5 Natural sciences (eg mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, etc.).

6 Applied sciences (eg medicine, farming, computer science)
7 Arts, Sport, Game.
8 Linguistics (800, 801). Literary (810 -).
9 Geography, History.

These are all part science departments (called classes) float. Department, for example, the 5 classes (again, a second digit 0 - 9 numbers indicated)

The next time you visit the library, you already know much more about the methods of the library, you can see it is very important that the books are kept in place because the lambs are not sure that would feel good among the beasts. But if you use the guard's ticket, then you will never be a bad place back on the books. What is the guard's ticket? The rental counter is equipped with color illustrated plates, if you remove a book from the shelf; you put this plate on the space of the removed book. This Plate will ensure to save the place, as long as you choose a book. Taking it home or not!

Good advice: Go into the book you want to borrow, because of the cover and the title can be misleading!

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