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Nearly thirty thousand pages of writing and the surrounding can be read about Csurgo and the towns around it under the e-Library menu. In 2010, the year behind us in a Tamop competition and with an application for library staff working on public assistance has been able to provide insight into the history of this town. The website visitors are presented to the values on which we can be justly proud.

About the Digital Library
Anyone welcome in our digital museum, where a collection of local history and surroundings can be found about Csurgo, which pieces haven't been known, or showed before. In the gallery a growing number of photographs convey a unique vision of our city, buildings, squares, natural treasures of Csurgo.

Our electronic library will guide our visitors to the past 150 years, and tens of thousands of pages of insight Csurgo past.
Website has also have an opportunity to extend rentals and book in advice the next books, that our enrolled readers would like to read.
We provide discussion on our site. Also contacts and suggestions are welcome to purchase library books, book recommendations as well. We offer a public forum and where you can share your ideas and opinions with the public.

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