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We are welcome readers to our new website!
The City Library provides Csurgo, and 13 municipalities in the region public library provision. Our goal is to create and maintain a cultural environment, where knowledge acquisition and knowledge of modern and varied forms are available from our library readers. Regardless of age ranges and interests to our services for our visitors. You can also visit the directory, browse our website, and opinions to help us to more effectively so you can see in the future, our job is your satisfaction! Comments in person, by phone, or e-mail or the web site "User Opinion" menu is also welcome.
Enjoy the discovery of shared values browsing!


City Library spout about sixty years old. The library's history begins at the II. post-war years. These difficult years, was a very hard time period in the history of librarianship. During the war, many libraries doomed. Some of them have been destroyed, heavy losses in stock value of others. Therefore, the post-war years, was put on a huge task for those who undertook the revival of libraries.

The Csurgo library is also created during this period. In the early days of the Kaposvar district library depository library was then in 1953 received the status of the district library. Then began the library in the life of the period of self-empowerment, which was accompanied by a battle for the custody and for the support. In addition, the lack of professional knowledge is problematic, because the librarian had not been required skill tasks. All the newly created libraries struggled with similar problems. This is, however, could not deny them.

The library of Csurgo has undergone many changes over decades, but today the library becomes the requirements of the Information Society. The dear visitor can learn about the history of the section by a detailed story written by Hoffmann Klara.


  • Service to the local population: the local population needs assessment and care of the constructive dialogues in order to achieve the changes.
  • Access: the user access to resources outside the library, involving the achievement of world-wide network. Physical access to documents and time for opening and expansion of services for those who are unable to avail themselves of the general capabilities (eg disabled people).
  • Information service: an updated and relevant document collection in all subjects. The information practices of staff development that can inform the individual subjects and also to provide access to requested documents.
  • Reading and Reading Culture: a carefully selected staff to support children's reading, organizing various events and occasions, participation in adult literacy in developing cultures. The culture of the organization of events to support the development and support by providing access to the latest literature.
  • Library: The library visitors able to make use of library documents and services, organized in accordance with presentations, printed documents, audiovisual and electronic catalogs.
  • Stock: adequate supply of document organization, content and format of the collection of documents relating to all without prejudice, while maintaining the balance of the documents to achieve local and remote access between. Task is to preserve the collection, protection; redundant, and delete continuously worn documents.
  • Learn to help: a learning environment for self cultivation and related services. The formal and informal education to allow participation.
  • Public information: Csurgó in collaboration with other organizations on and around the community and for information gathering, collection and compilation.
  • The service provided to local government: the government's work to support the activities and tasks in accordance with the library, providing access to information.
  • Recreational use: the existing needs of the leisure of spending to encourage creative, offering services to help you unwind.
  • Helpfulness: helpful staff by library users and the needs of the service enablement.
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